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Hey guys, if you pre ordered the hard copy of my book, it should arrive in
a few days (just got mine).
Otherwise you can buy from O'Reilly:
http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920000723.do or Amazon:
http://amzn.to/tVx4ng (cheaper)
Digital versions are available on the iBooks and Kindle marketplaces and
available in a all included format package on the O'Reilly website.

I would sincerely appreciate if some of you could leave reviews on Amazon
or O'Reilly, especially if my writing managed to help you out in the past.


- Matt

I just posted the following review to the Amazon page:

If you are:

- a Ruby developer who would like to learn Cocoa and program for the Mac


- a Cocoa Mac developer who would like to learn programming with Ruby

then you could do a lot worse than reading Matt Aimonetti's book. It gets exactly what's useful by focusing on programming for Mac, on the Mac, using MacRuby. So it doesn't want to teach you Ruby or Cocoa. There are other books for that. Instead it focuses on the specific stuff:

- What's different when programming in Ruby from programming in Objective-C
- How to use Mac tools, e.g. Xcode, to develop in Ruby for the Mac
- How the MacRuby runtime is using and integrates with the Objective-C runtime
- How to call Ruby code from Objective-C and back
- How to benefit from the interpreted nature of Ruby within a Cocoa app

and so on.

A very interesting look into what the future of Mac programming (and hopefully iOS). It helped me get up to speed very quickly with MacRuby (now included with OS X Lion) and saved me a *lot* of time, probably weeks. I am an inexperienced Ruby programmer, but a seasoned Cocoa programmer. I think that it would be equally useful to an experienced Ruby programmer getting started with Mac development.

Highly recommended

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