[MacRuby-devel] Scripting Bridge

Spencer Rose dspencerr at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 16:16:12 PDT 2011

So final question, now that I downloaded the updates to scripting 
bridge, and it compiles fine, I still get errors such 
as: `<main>': undefined method `exportFormat' this is right after 
running your "doc.packageTo" method which worked great.  I got 
the exportFormat method and other methods I have tried directly 
from my indesign.spriptingbridge file. A few of the methods in there 
are working, most are giving me an "undefinded method" error.  
I think the error is because my parameter syntax is off.  When I 
changed the parameter syntax on the one you made work I got the 
same error.  So how do I know the right syntax?


<arg type='B' index='2'/> -showingOptions:
<arg type='B' index='5'/> -forceSave:


<arg type='B' index='1'/> - copyingFonts:
<arg type='B' index='2'/> - copyingLinkedGraphics:
<arg type='B' index='3'/> - copyingProfiles:
<arg type='B' index='4'/> - updatingGraphics:
<arg type='B' index='5'/> - includingHiddenLayers:
<arg type='B' index='6'/> - ignorePreflightErrors:
<arg type='B' index='7'/> - creatingReport:
<arg type='B' index='9'/> - versionComments:

<retval type='B'/> - forceSave:




I figure the index numbers means the position of the param in the list.
This has not worked perfectly and yours did not seem to match up perfectly
or else I am missing something.  How do we figure out syntax for these other
than trial and error?  Thanks

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