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this would certainly be useful, but frankly i think that having proper
debugger-integration support in xcode (see
http://www.macruby.org/trac/ticket/1208 and issue 3037631 in
http://bugreporter.apple.com<http://bugreporter.apple.com/>) would go dramatically farther towards making
macruby useful. edit-and-continue would be great, but setting a breakpoint:
priceless. thx, n@

This is a false dichotomy: my suggestion and yours are orthogonal (except perhaps for resource allocation consideration).

You are right of course that proper debugging is desirable (MCL also had that 20 years ago), perhaps more so than what I am suggesting, but I'm going for the low-hanging fruits here. Moreover, adding Ruby debugging to Xcode would require Apple willingness to evolve Xcode which, given the glacial pace of Xcode 4 bug fixing and almost total deafness to developer requests, is far too much to ask. What I describe on the other hand, require no such cooperation. I probably even could implement a rough bare bone version.


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