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Nat Brown natbro at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 09:19:23 PST 2011

you are right, of course -- these two issues are orthogonal, I simply never
pass up a chance to rant about lack of debug support on the off chance that
everybody will up-vote this issue and we'll see it get fixed before another
5 years pass.
if you implement your suggestion, i will certainly try it -- i have a
similar simple jury-rigged editing/eval app which i use for writing ruby
scripts which is radically faster than copying and pasting
classes/functions from an editor into irb and re-running, and faster than
background running from e.g. vi or textmate, but it's not suitable for a
full app with resources, and your proposed solution would be.
thx, n@

On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 9:09 AM, Jean-Denis MUYS <jdmuys at kleegroup.com>wrote:

>  This is a false dichotomy: my suggestion and yours are orthogonal
> (except perhaps for resource allocation consideration).
> You are right of course that proper debugging is desirable (MCL also had
> that 20 years ago), perhaps more so than what I am suggesting, but I'm
> going for the low-hanging fruits here. Moreover, adding Ruby debugging to
> Xcode would require Apple willingness to evolve Xcode which, given the
> glacial pace of Xcode 4 bug fixing and almost total deafness to developer
> requests, is far too much to ask. What I describe on the other hand,
> require no such cooperation. I probably even could implement a rough bare
> bone version.
>  Jean-Denis
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