[MacRuby-devel] MacRuby & MountainLion + what you can do to help the project

Matt Aimonetti mattaimonetti at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 00:54:49 PST 2012

Hey guys,

A few of you asked me privately and publicly what was going on with MacRuby
releases and what was the plan now that Apple clearly said that ARC is the
future and that the GC will be deprecated in MountainLion.

First off, I want to emphasis that even though ARC is the future for iOS
and OS X, the GC won't go away anytime soon. In other words, MacRuby runs
on MountainLion, so there is no real rush. But we need a plan and that plan
probably means not using the GC anymore :p

Regarding MacRuby's releases, Laurent promised to push 0.11 and well, we
are waiting on him but it should happen any day

Allan Delacruz, a designer friend of the project did a redesign of the site
but we need some help to rebase and polish the content.
Volunteers please stand up, Allan's branch is there:
https://github.com/AllanD/MacRubyWebsite  Maybe someone can find some time
over President's day to give us an updated website? Don't hesitate to email
the mailing list about that.

Xcode 4.3 It was reported that because Xcode is now a normal app, our
templates aren't installed in the right place. We need a few volunteers to
modify/test our installer to support the older and the newer Xcode. Or
maybe we can just agree to only support the latest Xcode version (thoughts?)

Extra ideas for volunteers:

   - Changelog for 0.11 release, let's help Laurent writing the release
   blog post by giving him a summarized changelog
   - Sublime Text 2 http://www.sublimetext.com/ is the new TextMate and I
   quickly looked at it and adding MacRuby support seems really
   straightforward (requires some Python scripting but hey, that's better than
   dealing with AppleScript :p). My challenge to you is to offer a
   MacRuby/Cocoa package.
   - Organize the various samples we have and add them to the website.
   - Update the tutorials (linking to the online version of my book is fine
   but original stuff should be encouraged, especially what I missed in the
   - Document the MacRuby internals and help new devs contribute feature
   and fix bugs.

Summary: the sky isn't falling, we are all good but we need help and we
need to grow the team of active contributors. Tell us what you are
interested in helping with and let's get organized to push MacRuby to the
next level.


- Matt
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