[MacRuby-devel] Recommended MacRuby workflow

Milos Rankovic milos at milos-and-slavica.net
Tue Jan 22 05:47:10 PST 2013


First, thank you Watson and Mark for finding the time to keep MacRuby alive. Now that I’ve basked in its beauty for a while, just the  thought of going back to Obj-C seems unbearable. 

Until recently, I have only programmed tools in support of my academic research. My developer ambitions have grown somewhat over time so I am now thinking of building a version of my little knowledge management system for App Store. This, of course, implies a much more dedicated workflow than my usual hackety-hack. I gave a serious go at using various editors (vim, TextMate, Sublime Text), testing frameworks (RSpec, MacBacon, Minitest), and various building options. I am however yet to find a painless combination… I would be therefore very grateful if you could share a little about the way you develop MacRuby apps, or at least they way you would recommend it to a lonely amateur developer (i.e. no provision for a developer team necessary). 

In case it is relevant: I am/will be using WebKit (html, css and svg via d3), ScriptingBridge, LatentSemanticMapping, CoreData, and will have to process, visualise and store data concurrently. Other than designing the managed object model, I would like to stay clear of Xcode as much as possible.

Many thanks!


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