[MacRuby-devel] Mavericks and Macruby

rob ista rob.ista at me.com
Sun Nov 3 05:30:31 PST 2013

Oooops, yes Stephen, of course the GC is depreciated. Obviously my brain didn’t want to accept that so i just forgot :))) … well, so far MacRuby and the current AppStore apps. I pulled them out. First i thought that the small ones without gems still worked, but they’ll crash sooner or later. 

It’s quite amazing how in fact none of the higher level languages really survived in 30 years time. We’re all still stuck with C (and it’s derivates like C++. Jave, C#, Obj-C, …) 
May be Laurent and his team can write a migration guide to RubyMotion? I’m sure that attracts customers :P. And I know he doesn’t like Xcode but it will help people move to RM :)))


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> On 3 Nov 2013, at 0:32, Joshua Ballanco wrote:
>> I haven't had time to update to Mavericks yet, so I couldn't tell you 
>> for sure, but the "summary_indent=" error looks like it may be a 
>> consequence of the upgraded 2.0 version of Ruby on the system. IIRC, 
>> there should still be a copy of the 1.8 Ruby version (under 
>> /System/Library I think?). If you change the #! line in "macgem" to 
>> point specifically to Ruby 1.8, things may start working again?
> I'm confused - I thought that there was no chance of using MacRuby on 
> Mavericks because it depends on the garbage collector that no longer 
> exists. Is that incorrect?
> --
> Stephen Horne

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