[MacRuby-devel] Trying to embed standard Ruby in an app...how does MacRuby do it?

Kevin Walzer kw at codebykevin.com
Sun Apr 27 19:23:49 PDT 2014

I'm trying to embed standard Ruby 2.1 (MacPorts installed) in an app 
using a stub launcher that calls an embedded interpreter. I've run 
install_name_tool correctly on the Ruby dylib and bundles, etc., but I'm 
having trouble: the app is still looking in the MacPorts directory 
(/opt/local) for its load path.

Running "strings" on my bundled Ruby dylib shows that search paths are 
hard-coded into the dylib itself, so install_name_tool has no effect.

How did MacRuby handle this? Did MacRuby bundle the entire Ruby runtime 
into the app or did it rely on the system installation of MacRuby? If 
the latter is the case, and it simply isn't possible to make a truly 
relocatable Ruby app using install_name_tool, then my job is a lot 
easier, because Mavericks has standard Ruby (2.0) bundled in.


Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin/Mobile Code by Kevin

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