[MacRuby] #849: MacRuby throws the exception of "Encoding::CompatibilityError" with various cases.

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#849: MacRuby throws the exception of "Encoding::CompatibilityError" with various
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Comment(by lsansonetti@…):

 It seems to come from cgi/util.rb:

 (gdb) p rb_symbolicate (0x0000000102c43acf)
 addr 0x102c43acf start 0x102c43960 selector unescape: location

   # URL-decode a string with encoding(optional).
   #   string = CGI::unescape("%27Stop%21%27+said+Fred")
   #      # => "'Stop!' said Fred"
   def CGI::unescape(string,encoding=@@accept_charset)
     str=string.tr('+', ' ').gsub(/((?:%[0-9a-fA-F]{2})+)/) do
     str.valid_encoding? ? str : str.force_encoding(string.encoding)

 I suspect our pack function returns binary data by default which can't be
 concatenated to UTF-8.

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