[MacRuby] #176: timeout fails to raise a Timeout::Error

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Fri Aug 20 13:39:41 PDT 2010

#176: timeout fails to raise a Timeout::Error
 Reporter:  acangiano@…          |       Owner:  lsansonetti@…        
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Comment(by lsansonetti@…):

 I can see 2 problems. First, the {{{1+1 while true}}} expression will
 never trigger a pthread cancelation point, which means it can't be
 interrupted (and timeout.rb uses thread cancelation). Second, it looks
 like current timeout.rb doesn't even cancel {{{loop { 1+1 }}}} which
 triggers cancelation points.

 Your patch seems to fix the second problem. I don't believe the first
 problem is even fixable with the current macruby implementation.

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