[MacRuby] #430: MacRuby does not reap processes started with popen

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Sun Aug 22 11:19:23 PDT 2010

#430: MacRuby does not reap processes started with popen
 Reporter:  neeracher@…          |       Owner:  martinlagardette@…        
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Comment(by jhemmelg@…):

 This patch adds back the call to rb_syswait() which reaps the child
 process in io_close().  It also removes the call to kill() as this is not
 in 1.9.2 and doesn't seem to be necessary with this test case.  I don't
 know what conditions prompted the inclusion of the kill() call.  This test
 case works with the kill() call in the code as well as with it removed.
 Someone who knows why the kill() call was added will have to decide if it
 belongs in the code or not.

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