[MacRuby] #842: Can't catch the exception of SecurityError Level 4.

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#842: Can't catch the exception of SecurityError Level 4.
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Comment(by watson1978@…):

 Safe level seems to treat an exceptional in Proc Context.
 I found it in CRuby's Changelog.
 Fri Apr 11 10:27:29 1997  Yukihiro Matsumoto  <matz at caelum.co.jp>

         * version 1.0-970411

         * Makefile.in: create libruby.a before linking ruby.

         * string.c (str_strip_bang): >0x80 characters for isspace().

         * eval.c (proc_call): set safe-level temporally

         * eval.c (proc_s_new): save safe-level in the proc context.

 Cannot drop a Safe-Level when put up it once, I think that Proc was made
 to such behavior.

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