[MacRuby] #876: EXC_BAD_ACCESS using IOBluetooth

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#876: EXC_BAD_ACCESS using IOBluetooth
 Reporter:  matt.wizeman@…                 |       Owner:  lsansonetti@…        
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 Priority:  critical                       |   Milestone:  MacRuby 0.7          
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Comment(by matt.wizeman@…):

 So, the crash happens when I implement the following IOBluetooth delegate
 method and the framework tries to call it:

 - (void)l2capChannelData:(IOBluetoothL2CAPChannel*)l2capChannel data:(void
 *)dataPointer length:(size_t)dataLength;

 I've attempted to create a sample for you that demonstrates the problem
 and have attached it to this issue. Inside you will find three xcode
    This is a simple cocoa framework project that will play the part of the
 Obj-c code trying to call the delegate.
    This is a simple cocoa application that registers itself as the
 delegate of the DefectSample framework and provides buttons to force the
 framework to call the delegate methods.
    This is a macruby port of the CocoaApp.

 In order to run this, first build the DefectSample project then build and
 run the other two projects. When running CocoaApp, all of the buttons work
 fine and the delegate methods are called with no issues. When running
 MacRubyApp, four of the six buttons will cause the app to crash in exactly
 the same place that IOBluetooth is as shown in the stack trace from my
 previous comment. The two buttons that work in MacRubyApp are the delegate
 method that accepts an NSNumber and the delegate method that takes no

 I hope this gives you a good idea about what my problem might be. If not,
 I can try to work up a sample using the actual IOBluetooth framework but I
 fear that will be much harder for you to test with. Let me know.

 Thanks for your help.

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