[MacRuby] #876: EXC_BAD_ACCESS using IOBluetooth

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#876: EXC_BAD_ACCESS using IOBluetooth
 Reporter:  matt.wizeman@…                 |       Owner:  lsansonetti@…        
     Type:  defect                         |      Status:  new                  
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Comment(by lsansonetti@…):

 To locate the method, an easy way is to start your program in the Xcode
 debugger, then make the app crash.

 In the debugger prompt, ask for the backtrace (typing "bt"), then call the
 rb_symbolicate() functions on the ?? address.

 Given your backtrace:

 #0  0x00007fff80bbc5f0 in object_getClass ()
 #1  0x00000001000ed2d3 in rb_objc_nsnumber2numeric ()
 #2  0x00000001036ccce0 in ?? ()
 #3  0x00007fff86c1ddd6 in -[IOBluetoothL2CAPChannel processIncomingData:]
 #4  0x00007fff86c1c767 in -[IOBluetoothL2CAPChannel handleMachMessage:] ()

 You can type:

 (gdb) p rb_symbolicate(0x00000001036ccce0)

 This should show you the Ruby file, line and name of the method.

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