[MacRuby] #1180: REQUEST: set rubygems to allow gem activation on *.rbo files

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Sat Mar 5 16:36:54 PST 2011

#1180: REQUEST: set rubygems to allow gem activation on *.rbo files
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 Rubygems will only be able to activate a gem if the require string is the
 exact file name, or if the string plus a set of predefined file suffixes
 exactly matches a file.

 In the case of a compiled gem where the original *.rb files have been
 removed, rubygems will think that the file does not exist. This can be
 worked around by using #gem first to avoid the code path that rubygems
 would normally take when trying to find a file in a gem and simply
 activate the gems paths.

 A better solution would be to add '.rbo' to the list of known file
 suffixes. However, with rubygems 1.4.2, the list of suffixes is static, so
 the list would have to be directly edited.

 Around rubygems 1.6.0, the list of suffixes became an instance variable
 which can modified from the MacRuby specific defaults file.

 I've made the changes in my fork of MacRuby on github:

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