[MacRuby] #1194: launch_msg(LAUNCH_KEY_CHECKIN) doesn't return nil when run outside of a daemon/agent

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#1194: launch_msg(LAUNCH_KEY_CHECKIN) doesn't return nil when run outside of a
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 A normal user program calling launch_msg(LAUNCH_KEY_CHECKIN) will get
 NULL, since the task is not a launchd job. Under RubyCocoa with Ruby
 1.8.7, this is correctly converted to nil, but MacRuby returns a
 launch_data_t instead. Subsequent use of this object (such as calling
 launch_data_get_type) causes a segmentation fault.

 Here's a test program that reproduces the issue:

 if defined?(MACRUBY_VERSION)
   framework "Foundation"
   require 'osx/foundation'
   include OSX

 message = launch_data_new_string(LAUNCH_KEY_CHECKIN)
 response = launch_msg(message)
 if response.nil?
   warn "Success! launch_msg(LAUNCH_KEY_CHECKIN) returned nil, as
   exit 0
   warn "Failure! launch_msg(LAUNCH_KEY_CHECKIN) did not return nil, though
 it should have."
   exit 1

 Here's how the response object looks in gdb when I replace the nil check
 with a launch_data_get_type call:

 (gdb) frame 2
 #2  0x0000000100139015 in rb_vm_dispatch (_vm=0x10111c5c0,
 cache=0x1010d0780, top=8590063808, self=8590063808, klass=0x20001f780,
 sel=0x101399360, block=0x0, opt=2 '\002', argc=1, argv=0x7fff5fbff608) at
 (gdb) p *(struct RData *)argv[0]
 $1 = {
   basic = {
     klass = 8592289600,
     flags = 12
   dmark = 0,
   dfree = 0,
   data = 0x0

 Unfortunately, there's no apparent way to interrogate the opaque
 launch_data_t object and determine that it is NULL, so a crash is hard to
 avoid. I can implement this in native code if necessary, but I'm sure
 there are other APIs that are also impacted.

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