[MacRuby] #1197: __method__ and __callee__ return nil if called inside of a block

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#1197: __method__ and __callee__ return nil if called inside of a block
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 Under Ruby 1.9.1, calling `__method__`/`__callee__` inside of a block
 still returns the current method name. Under MacRuby r5278, this does not
 happen. Here's a simple test program that reproduces the issue:

 def foo
   b = proc { warn __method__ }

 def bar(&block)


 Running it produces this output:

 $ macruby /tmp/method.rb

 $ ruby1.9 /tmp/method.rb

 To work around this, the value of `__method__` can be captured in a
 variable outside of the block and referenced inside.

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