[MacRuby] #1210: Bug in macirb when using tab to autocomplete

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#1210: Bug in macirb when using tab to autocomplete
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 I am beginning with macruby and was doing "The definitive guide"'s first
 lesson when I had this :

 Shahor at Toshi ~ $ macirb --version
 DietRB (0.6.1)
 Shahor at Toshi ~ $ macirb --simple-prompt
 >> framework 'AppKit'
 => true
 >> voice = NSSpeechSynthesizer.alloc.ini/usr/local/bin/macirb:55:in
 `block': undefined method `instance_methods' for nil:NilClass
         from /usr/local/bin/macirb:9:in `block'
         from /usr/local/bin/macirb:7:in `<main>'
 Erase is delete.
 Interrupt is control-C (^C).

 I guess it is some bug in macirb.

 Description :

 I was typing the whole command and tried autocompletion for the
 initWith... method and this is when it crashed.
 It also crashes my bash by the way so I had to type "erase" to restore it.

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