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Excellent. Do you know if /Partition2 has its own Installer receipt DB? Or is the boot volume's DB being used (/var/db/receipts on 10.8)? i.e. Is the receipt for the application installed on Partition2 on the boot volume or the destination volume?

The below implies that OVAL would need to know all the volumes available and then check each one.

- Jasen.

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I have a system with two volumes, the boot volume and one named Partition2. I installed an application on Partition2. If I run "pkgutil --pkgs" that package is not listed. If I run "pkgutil --pkgs --volume /Volumes/Partition2" then it is listed. So it appears that querying the receipt database is volume specific. If I subsequently install the same application on the root volume, then it shows up as you'd expect via "pkgutil --pkgs" and there appears to be no link between the two installs. I would think that just checking the boot volume would be akin to just checking C:\Program Files on Windows - overwhelming probability of being the location, but not good enough.

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