[SCAP-On-Apple] Where/When do we start?

Link, Peter R. link1 at llnl.gov
Tue Oct 9 09:05:33 PDT 2012

Now that the SCAP on Apple working group has been created, I would like to know if any initial guidelines were discussed at the BoF meeting.

Who's going to start? With what configuration information?

Will this site be the primary working area for SCAP content for Apple (OSX and iOS)? Will people still use OVAL's repository for Apple products as the primary source or duplicate content between the two?

I know some work has been done by various people. Will any of that be submitted to this site or is everything starting from the ground up?

Not that anyone has asked but my ultimate goal for this project is to provide complete SCAP content for tools (including OCIL) necessary to create, validate, and remediate a USGCB baseline configuration for OSX and secondarily, for iOS. This is a multistep process but having a USGCB configuration has been on my list for many years.

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