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Luis Nunez lnunez at c3isecurity.com
Wed Oct 31 08:31:32 PDT 2012

I agree.  They look contradictory.

below are the sections that looks contradictory.  Taken from the "U_Apple_iOS_6_V1R0_1_Overview.pdf".

2.13 Tethered Modem Use
An iPhone and iPad can be used as an “IP” modem or a “tethered modem” to provide a wireless
Internet connection for a laptop computer or other device, such a Wi-Fi only iPad. In most cases,
this is less expensive than buying a broadband wireless card and setting up a separate broadband
wireless account. This use is permitted in DoD.
Note that most wireless carriers disable the capability for using an iOS device to directly set up a
tethered connection to a laptop via an Internet connection, requiring subscribers to pay an
additional fee to acquire “tethered” service. Procedures for setting up IP modem service on a
laptop are available from each wireless carrier.
2.14 Personal Hotspot
An iOS 6 device can be set up as a personal cellular hotspot where laptops, smartphones, or
tablet devices can connect to the device via a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB connection and access
the Internet via the iPhone or iPad cellular connection. This configuration is not authorized in
DoD because the native iOS encryption supporting Wi-Fi is not FIPS-validated.

btw I am ccing the scap-on-apple list for automation perspective.


On Oct 31, 2012, at 9:00 AM, STEMPNAKOWSKI, DAVID A MSgt USAF AETC AETC/A6OI wrote:

> Before I make a comment on the comment matrix and possibly make myself look
> stupid, does section 2.13 and 2.14 seem to contradict themselves? I
> understand the difference between "tethered" and "hotspot" but I'm not aware
> of how to use an iPhone or iPad connected via a USB cable as a tethered
> modem. I'm more familiar with that config over WiFi or Bluetooth.
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> DISA draft Apple iOS 6 Security Technical Implementation Guide for comment.
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