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+Smart Card Services Committer Guidelines 
+Licensing Due Diligence 
+Last updated:  February 2, 2009 
+Thank you for your interest in the Smart Card Services project and for agreeing to be a Smart Card Services 
+(SCS) Committer.   The following are some licensing-related requirements that must be followed in order to 
+ensure that all code committed to the Smart Card Services source repository is properly licensed, so as to 
+protect all users of Smart Card Services and to avoid downstream problems.  If you have questions about any of 
+these requirements, please contact the Smart Card Services team at admin at macosforge.org. 
+Before committing code to the Smart Card Services source repository, please ensure that these requirements are 
+1.  All source code must contain a copyright header that includes the author/copyright holder's name(s) and 
+email address(es) for contact purposes. 
+2.  All code committed to the Smart Card Services source repository must be governed by either the LGPL 
+Version 2.1 < http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.html> for code going into the SmartCardCCID 
+subproject, or the Apple Public Source License 2.0 <http://www.opensource.apple.com/apsl/> for code going 
+into all other SCS subprojects, unless otherwise cleared by Apple in writing.  This means that you should verify 
+that each source file contains either a copy of the appropriate APSL 2.0 license or LGPL 2.1 license text, or a 
+license header stating that it is governed by either such license as appropriate to the SCS subproject in question.  
+All other licenses are not acceptable unless cleared by Apple in writing. 
+3. As a general rule, contributions to existing APSL2.0-licensed SCS projects should be also licensed  
+under the APSL 2.0, and contributions to existing LGPL 2.1-licensed SCS projects should be licensed under the 
+LGPL 2.1.  If you come across a conflicting license situation or some other licensing aspect you are unsure 
+about, please contact the Smart Card Services team before committing it to the repository.  Under no 
+circumstances should code licensed under the GPL (any version) or the LGPL v3 be committed to the 
+4.  If a contributed source file does not have any licensing terms attached to it, do not commit it to the 
+repository.  Instead, please contact the author to determine what the intended licensing terms are.  If you need 
+assistance with this, contact the Smart Card Services team.  
+5.  Any code that itself contains any encryption code or algorithm, or utilizes the cryptographic functionality of 
+another software program should not be checked in to the Smart Card Services source repository without first 
+clearing it with the Apple Smart Card Services team and having it approved in writing.  The reason for this is 
+that cryptographic code may be subject to various governmental regulations that Apple and Smart Card Services 
+users must comply with. 
+In addition, please be on the lookout for "legal" notices, legends or terms and conditions in contributed source 
+code that may indicate that the contributed code is subject to restrictions that would inhibit or limit public 
+distribution of the contribution.  Words or terms such as "confidential", "proprietary", "trade secret", "patent", 
+"restricted", "internal use only", "all rights reserved", "license" or "rights", or any other language purporting to 
+grant to reserve any rights to use or distribute the contribution should be brought to the attention of the Smart 
+Card Services team before committing it to the Smart Card Services repository. 
+Thank you very much! 
+The Smart Card Services Team
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