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+Smart Card Services Committer Guidelines
+Licensing Due Diligence 
+Last updated:  February 2, 2009
+Thank you for your interest in the Smart Card Services project and for agreeing to be a Smart Card Services (SCS) Committer.  The following are some licensing-related requirements that must be followed in order to ensure that all code committed to the Smart Card Services source repository is properly licensed, so as to protect all users of Smart Card Services and to avoid downstream problems.  If you have questions about any of these requirements, please contact the Smart Card Services team at admin at macosforge.org. 
+Before committing code to the Smart Card Services source repository, please ensure that these requirements are met: 
+1.  All source code must contain a copyright header that includes the author/copyright holder's name(s) and email address(es) for contact purposes. 
+2.  All code committed to the Smart Card Services source repository must be governed by either the LGPL Version 2.1 < http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.html> for code going into the SmartCardCCID subproject, or the Apple Public Source License 2.0 <http://www.opensource.apple.com/apsl/> for code going into all other SCS subprojects, unless otherwise cleared by Apple in writing.  This means that you should verify that each source file contains either a copy of the appropriate APSL 2.0 license or LGPL 2.1 license text, or a license header stating that it is governed by either such license as appropriate to the SCS subproject in question.  All other licenses are not acceptable unless cleared by Apple in writing. 
+3. As a general rule, contributions to existing APSL2.0-licensed SCS projects should be also licensed under the APSL 2.0, and contributions to existing LGPL 2.1-licensed SCS projects should be licensed under the LGPL 2.1.  If you come across a conflicting license situation or some other licensing aspect you are unsure about, please contact the Smart Card Services team before committing it to the repository.  Under no circumstances should code licensed under the GPL (any version) or the LGPL v3 be committed to the repository. 
+4.  If a contributed source file does not have any licensing terms attached to it, do not commit it to the repository.  Instead, please contact the author to determine what the intended licensing terms are.  If you need assistance with this, contact the Smart Card Services team.
+5.  Any code that itself contains any encryption code or algorithm, or utilizes the cryptographic functionality of another software program should not be checked in to the Smart Card Services source repository without first
+clearing it with the Apple Smart Card Services team and having it approved in writing.  The reason for this is that cryptographic code may be subject to various governmental regulations that Apple and Smart Card Services users must comply with. 
+In addition, please be on the lookout for "legal" notices, legends or terms and conditions in contributed source code that may indicate that the contributed code is subject to restrictions that would inhibit or limit public distribution of the contribution.  Words or terms such as "confidential", "proprietary", "trade secret", "patent", "restricted", "internal use only", "all rights reserved", "license" or "rights", or any other language purporting to grant to reserve any rights to use or distribute the contribution should be brought to the attention of the Smart Card Services team before committing it to the Smart Card Services repository.
+Thank you very much! 
+The Smart Card Services Team
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