[SmartcardServices-Dev] Newbie build env help

Frank Marien frank at apsu.be
Wed Dec 12 07:28:20 PST 2012

Greetings List,

I'm a consultant, on a government project. So far we've been able to use
Apple's shipped versions of SmartCardServices, but we've reached a point
this is too old, and now totally breaks functionality for many of our
OSX users..

I'm investigating how we can bundle our own SmartCardServices binaries
to solve this..

To bundle we need to sign, and we obviously are not going to sign what
we did not build from
source.. let alone ship something we cannot fix, if needed..

I've been using the instructions in
but that's been dependency hell on my Lion 10.7.5 (11G63), XCode 4.5.2..

I've spent the last few days updating XCode, MacPorts, DarwinBuild, a
true obstacle course by itself.

This can't be right.. I'm missing something very simple and obvious, or
the instructions are simply
too old..

Would really appreciate a URL or paste of how you folks set up dev and
build env for SmartCardServices..
Since we would be happy to contribute, as well. Willing to scratch OSX
and reinstall from zero, if necessary.

(My speciality is GNU/Linux, and we need to have this continuously-built
so I need something that can be ran from the command-line,
once set up, as well as from e.g. XCode, so I can step/debug etc..)


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