[SmartcardServices-Users] "PERFORM VERIFICATION"-APDU don't work

Chris Hauser chris at cat-box.de
Thu Aug 27 21:53:22 PDT 2009

Am 25.08.2009 um 09:44 schrieb Ludovic Rousseau:

> 2009/8/24 Chris Hauser <chris at cat-box.de>:
>> Am 24.08.2009 um 19:00 schrieb Shawn A. Geddis:
>>> The current CCID Class Driver does not support PinPad Readers as  
>>> far as
>>> the *PinPad* goes,
> In fact the CCID driver _does_ support pinpads. You have to follow
> PC/SC v2 part 10.

I tried it with those PinPad-Readers:
Cherry ST-2000U, SCM SPR 532 (aka Towitoko Chipdrive Pinpad),
Kobil KAAN Advanced, Kobil KAAN Tribank, ReinertSCT cyberJack
e-com, cyberJack secoder and cyberJack e-com plus.

...and It works! Pin Verification and Pin Modification.
It really works with each of the above Readers. I'm totally amazed. :-)

>> What's the problem to give those APDUs to the Reader instead the
>> Card?
> That is not how the pinpad mechanism is supposed to work. You should
> read PC/SC v2 part 10 [1].
> You can also have a look at my sample [2].
> Do not reuse code from the sample unless you also use the GNU GPL  
> license.

It works great with a little change.

@@ -30,10 +30,11 @@
#ifdef __APPLE__
#include <PCSC/winscard.h>
#include <PCSC/wintypes.h>
+#include "reader.h"
#include <winscard.h>
#include <reader.h>

You made my Day.

Thank you

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