[SmartcardServices-Users] Ref: CAC NG (PIV) for Mac SmartCard Services (Keychain)

Courtney, Valencia V LCDR USA NORAD USNORTHCOM HQs J64 Valencia.Courtney at northcom.mil
Thu Jan 28 12:50:11 PST 2010

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

I'm a Mac user running OS 10.5.8 and using Safari 4.0.4. with 100% success in
using a pre-DOD CAC NG issued card (issued in 2007) on a SCR 331 USB reader
firmware v5.25 and ActivIdentity USB reader v2.0. I'm able to bind the
CAC-Email cert to an https URL using the Keychain Access app. However,
Keychain Access is unable to read the certs on my newly issued (2010) DOD
CAC. Can you tell me if the  CAC-NG (BETA v0.95) Leo
0.95-beta-leo.zip>  (Jan 26, 2010) will resolve this problem?

P.S. I tested Keychain Access ability to read a friends DOD CAC issued in
late (Nov) 2008 and the certs were viewable and able to add Identity
Preference (bind) to a CAC enabled URL with successful access after entering
PIN. Also I tried the trail version of ActivClient CAC for Mac which was not
able to read the certs from a pre or post DOD CAC NG. For the DOD CAC NG
issued card, ActivClient displays message unable to read card message after 5
seconds of trying. For pre-DOD CAC NG issued card, ActivClient shows blue
status bar in a loop as if trying to read the card but the app does not reach
an end-state after a minute or more running, i.e. neither an error message
for display of certs. The DOD CAC NG issued card works with problems on Win
XP OS using ActivClient v6.1 via a SCR 331 or SCR 3310.


LCDR Vee Courtney
(719) 556-0889

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