[SmartcardServices-Users] ECA Hardware Token - Certs not showing up in Keychain

Bob Colbert colbert at detk.net
Fri Jun 4 06:28:45 PDT 2010

I just received an ECA Hardware Assurance certificate.  It is a ActivIdentity USB Token as shown here - http://www.actividentity.com/products/authenticationdevices/USBTokens/  .  I have the one without the one-time password display.  Of course set up of the device and placing the certificates on it was done with ActivClient on Windows at the ECA facility.

Got back to the office and installed the ActivClient in my Fusion virtual machine with XP.  Verified the certs were there and have set it up such that Outlook can use them.  Everything looks fine thus far.  Details of the USB Token in the Windows ActivClient is the following:

Manufacturer: Oberthur
Model: CosmopolIC 64K V5.2

When I plug the device into the Mac (running Snow Leopard 10.6.3), the device shows up in the Keychain as a CAC-xxx entry.  I double-click the lock and it prompts me for the PIN.  I think it is unlocking because a windows pops up titled “Common Access Card” with two tabs for Identification and Benefits, none of which are populated because this isnt a CAC card.  However, no certificates are displayed.  I am selecting the “All Items” category in Keychain (and My Certificates/Certifcates category too) and still nothing is showing up.

I think I am close, but maybe this device isnt fully supported?
Bob Colbert
DE Technologies

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