[SmartcardServices-Users] sc_auth "CSSMERR_DL_MISSING_VALUE" error

fakesexnoises fakesexnoises at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 11 09:50:30 PDT 2010


Running OS X 10.6.3, with OpenSC 0.12.0 from here:
Using a PKCS11 Engine supplied by one of the OpenSC devs.
Smart Card: Feitian PKI mini-SIM from gooze.eu
Smart Card Reader: SCM SCR3320

Following the instructions here:


I've transferred a 2048-bit RSA private key and associate certificate to my
new Smart Card.  I've modifed the /etc/authorization file.

Now I'm trying to run the sc_auth script to associate a user account to my
Smart Card, and receiving the following error:

security: SecKeychainSearchCopyNext: CSSMERR_DL_MISSING_VALUE

I found the following thread at the Apple mailing lists:


He's having an identical issue, ie. "the card shows up in the Keychain, but
none of the certificates show up and the Keychain for it can't even be

He was advised to install CAC-NG Tokend (BETA v0.95) for Mac OS X 10.6.
 Does this advice apply in my case also?


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