[SmartcardServices-Users] Safari 5 broke my CAC card

Michael Kluskens mklus at ieee.org
Thu Jun 24 05:19:35 PDT 2010

On Jun 23, 2010, at 8:53:51 AM, Miller, Timothy J. wrote:

> Same results here.  This is the behavior we used to see with failing ID prefs.
> I'm not getting any failures at other sites, though.  E.g., AF Portal, AKO, and my base webmail account are all working w/ Safari 5 on 10.6.4.

On Jun 23, 2010, at 7:24:41 AM, Peter Walsh wrote:

> Sometimes I find even though I have set an identity preference in Keychain that if Safari can't see the card it will offer the dialog (which never works). The result is a new identity pref is automatically created in Keychain with the cert selected in the dialog. Safari won't work due to these multipe identities. I delete the new identity pref, then it works fine. 

I have only three sites that I can test with, 2 out of 3 fail.

Also I get failures with a clean systems: format, install, update, with nothing bought over from any other disk.

It appears to be related to the new feature in Safari that prompts for the certificate, when it works it is great, when it fails it is worse then useless.

Michael Kluskens

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