[SmartcardServices-Users] Java and CAC

Peter Walsh peter.walsh at jackpinetech.com
Mon Jul 28 18:49:48 PDT 2014


No response the first time so trying one more time

The new SmartCardsService 2.0 is great. Works like a champ for us in a DoD environment. 

We are tying to get back to a point where we can use our CACs with Java, with a specific goal of using jsvn with Forge.mil.

For a while were able to do a jsvn and CoolKeys combo. We would have to add the PKCS11 security provider to Java and it would point to the /usr/libexec/SmartCardServices/pkcs11/tokendPKCS11.so. Then there was a brief window where the Apple supplied Java eliminated the need for CoolKeys. That was short lived as I think it was lost in the shift to 64-bit Java. 

In Mavericks with SmartCardServices 2.0, is there a PKCS11 provider that we can point to? The SCardServices and SCardTokend page refers to a tokendPKCS11.so shim but we don’t see it installed anywhere. Are we missing something? Or do we still need a third party piece? FWIW, in our testing OpenSC is only working for some tasks (e.g. keytool) and only with debug enabled; CoolKeys isn’t readily available, is 32 bit  only and hasn’t been updated in a while.


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