[SmartcardServices-Users] impairing smart card in 10.12

Daly, John L CIV NAVAIR, 4G0000D john.l.daly at navy.mil
Thu Nov 3 12:49:38 PDT 2016

If you don't want to use the terminal,
If you go into Directory Utility, go into directory editor, go to users in the local/default node
select the user in question, and click on AuthenticationAuthority to open the triangle.  
You'll see one entitled ;tokenidentity;
If you delete that key, it will be unpaired.

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   1. Unpairing Smart Cards in 10.12 (Will Coleman)
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Subject: [SmartcardServices-Users] Unpairing Smart Cards in 10.12
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Does anyone know how to undo or un-pair the linking of the certificates from the PIV card once you link them via the Sierra 10.12 linking process?  I can?t seem to find any settings anywhere that store the paired card to the user.



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