[Tokend-Dev] Starting on the proper place?

helpcrypto helpcrypto helpcrypto at gmail.com
Mon May 16 04:21:38 PDT 2011

Hello and thanks in advance.
Sorry if posted on the wrong place.

Apart from that, i apologize if theres any typo or misunderstanding,
my english is as best as i can.

Check the conversation (1 message) that lead me here:

What ludovic sent to me, is a kind of bridge (That is expected to be
included on OSX 10.7) from KeyChain/Tokend to PKCS11, which try to use
all the pkcs11 libraries/files present on /usr/lib/pkcs11, to let
Safari/Mail/etc. use my pkcs11 dylib to attack the smartcard.
Im right? Im am absolutely wrong?

I followed the instructions ludovic provide on his blog. i see theres
a gemalto compiled version, but first i try to compile myself
following http://smartcardservices.macosforge.org/trac/wiki/documentation/building

I suppose, after compiling, it will generate a dylib or something that
i can install/register on the system.

So, hands on subject.

"For example 10A432 is for Snow Leopard 10.6.0. 10C540 is for 10.6.2."
Apart from that non-human notation, will a version compiled for 10.6
work on 10.6.2? Actually im on a 10.6.7, so maybe all the following
errors are due to this.

No one said what was this, but i installed macports and do "sudo port
install darwinbuild +universal". Im use to "make"

That was going so well, until i get "ERROR: project not found:
SmartcardCCID" when executing "sudo darwinbuild SmartcardCCID"
Any idea?

Then i read:
$ cd /Volumes/BuildRoot_*/SourceCache/SmartCardServices/SmartCardServices-36160
# darwinbuild -nosource SmartCardServices

Are we compiling the sources for this computer, and replacing current
smartcard service? wasnt tokend a proxy library?
Anyway...i take the risk and invoke cd... and the darwinbuild lines:

ERROR: please change your working directory to one initialized by:
 darwinbuild -init <build>
Alternatively, you may set the DARWIN_BUILDROOT environment variable to the
absolute path of that directory.

Ok, it failed but im going to test if i got the packager tool
sudo /usr/local/share/darwinbuild/packageRoots
sudo: /usr/local/share/darwinbuild/packageRoots: command not found

Now, i realize, that the manual/guide could be quite outdated.

So, could you confirm this is a bridge, and if its, help me getting this work?

> [1] http://ludovicrousseau.blogspot.com/2010/04/free-software-tokend-above-pkcs11-for.html

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