[Tokend-Dev] TokenD and Adobe Reader 9.4 signing problem

Giuseppe Amato midori3 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 08:59:35 PST 2011


I'm experiencing a problem using our TokenD with Adobe Reader 9 
(actually 9.4.6) on OSX version 10.5.
Note that with OSX 10.6 and 10.7 versions the problem doesn't exists.

In Adobe Reader I can see all certificates exposed by the TokenD, from 
the smartcard, and I can also choose the default certificate in the 
preferences pane.
But when I try to make a signature and the certificate selection dialog 
box appears, when I push on the "Sign" button nothing happens: I can 
just cancel the signature.

If the certificate chosen from the list is not from TokenD but is one 
imported from PKCS#12 file in login keychain, the signature just works fine.
The strange thing is that this happens just on OSX 10.5.

I'm sure that the TokenD works well since I can use it with Safari and 
Mail. And also with a Digital Signature application.

I don't know if is Adobe Reader that have problems with TokenD on OSX 
10.5 or if is fault of our TokenD implementation.
Some one is experiencing the same problem?

    Giuseppe Amato

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