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liuddd liudy75 at 163.com
Fri Aug 14 01:59:22 PDT 2015

       Thank you! I can insall a  pc/sc driver to get my tokend loaded, but only on MacOSX 10.10。 
       On MacOSX 10.9, it doesn't work, It seems that only CCID device can do it. 
       The question is : Can I create a Keychain when my USB device plugged in, then add certificate and public keypair items, and then bowsers such as Safari will use my Tokend to do cryptograhic operation such as doing SSL handshakes. 
       But I can't find any materials about how Tokend and Keychain is related, and which API can I use to create a keychain for Tokend, and  
add other items under the new created keychain. 
       Thanks a lot ! 

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>2015-08-12 9:14 GMT+02:00 liuddd <liudy75 at 163.com>:
>>     Thanks for the reply. In my situation, I have a reader using only USB
>> HID(Human Interface Device) protocol to communicate with MacOS, It is  not a
>> CCID reader, but I can write a PCSC driver for the reader under Windows and
>> then use PCSC API to communicate with it, can I also write a PCSC driver to
>> do that under MacOSX? If I can, What should I do to achieve that?
>>     Is that only CCID reader can initiate the loading of TokenD? I would
>> like to know how securityd, pcscd and tokend interact, and what happened
>> from when a USB reader plugin into the system to when the corresponding
>> Tokend is loaded.
>Yes, you will have to write a PC/SC driver for Mac OS X.
>The system will detect when you insert your USB device and start the
>PC/SC driver and the different tokend.
>Maybe you can write a fake/limited PC/SC driver and use HID directly
>(instead of PC/SC) in your tokend.
> Dr. Ludovic Rousseau
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