[Tokend-Dev] [SmartcardServices-Users] Differences between & fixes for the BelPic, Beid, CAC Tokend's

Giuseppe Amato gam at bit4id.com
Wed Mar 30 02:17:42 PDT 2016


It may be a configuration problem in your OSX, not a  tokend problem.
You forgot to tell us the OSX version and if you did some upgrade for 
example to 10.9 to 10.10 or 10.10 to 10.11.
I suggest you to make test on a clean OSX installation, such as an 
installation made on an external USB or Firewire drive.
In OSX 10.10 and 10.11 Apple made big changes on PCSC framework, so you 
may have problems in upgrading from older versions or using incompatible 
setup PKG files making some configuration mess.


On 30/03/2016 0.36, Maccampus wrote:
> I don’t know about OpenSC.tokend, but i’ll give it a look & test. I doubt it will work tough because the Belgian Identity Cards Encryption.
> If it works, why wouldn’t MacOSforge’s Belpic.tokend, only Beid.tokend seems to be able to decrypt my identity information but has the explained trouble.
> Apple used to create the Belpic.tokend in collaboration with the Belgian Federal ICT (edict) & Fedict included encryption version 1 & 2 in this version.
> The collaboration has stopped however, MacOSforge still update’s the Belpic.tokend for new OS X versions but does not change it further, Fedict has renamed the Belpic.tokend to Beid.tokend & has added encryption version 3 & 4 to it, however their new builds are buggy & seems to have earlier explained symptoms on my Mac.
> So i think in my case the Beid.tokend is the only one that will actually work with the encrypted data on my/the new issued Belgian Identity Cards (3th version of the Encryption) (For my earlier but now replaced ID card i used the Belpic.tokend from Apple/MacOSForge, this ID card had the 2nd version of encryption).
> I think, but i am not a developer, with the earlier linked source code/Development kit on Github the Belpic.tokend could be updated to work on the newer Belgian ID cards by the developers at MacOSForge.
> As mentioned earlier i read a post on this Lists that explained with CAC cards and CAC.tokend it was possible to login on OS X by inserting the CAC card & logout, go back to login screen or bring up a screensaver when the card is pulled out until it’s inserted again. I would like to have this possible swell for the Belgian ID card. How is this functionality implanted ? Is this included in the tokend ?

Giuseppe Amato
gam at bit4id.com

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