[Tokend-Dev] Question about the SmartCardServices(JPKItokenD)for Sierra

Shawn A. Geddis geddis at apple.com
Fri Feb 17 14:48:24 PST 2017


You can pull the current installer for macOS Sierra which contains an unchanged version of the JPKI TokenD from El Capitan.

https://github.com/smartcardservices/smartcardservices/releases/download/2.1.2/SmartCardServices2.1.2-OSX10.12.zip <https://github.com/smartcardservices/smartcardservices/releases/download/2.1.2/SmartCardServices2.1.2-OSX10.12.zip>

The installer was signed using an Apple Mac Developer Codesigning Certificate (waiting on issuance of the Developer Installer Certificate), which means that you will receive warning when launching.  Use the standard method for opening anyways by holding down the <control> key while clicking on the Installer.  Select “Open with…” and select the Installer.  You will now be able to launch the installer and install the JPKI TokenD for macOS Sierra.

Issues with the Cert used for signing the installer is an outstanding issue that I have been working to resolve.  Once completely resolved, the installer will be posted and noted on the installer page.

- Shawn
Shawn Geddis				  			 
Security and Certifications Engineer, Apple           (geddis at apple.com <mailto:geddis at apple.com>)
SCAP-On-Apple Project/Dev Lead:		             (scaponapple.github.io <https://scaponapple.github.io/>)
SmartCardServices Project/Dev Lead: 		     (smartcardservices.github.io <https://smartcardservices.github.io/>)

> On Feb 16, 2017, at 10:51 PM, 石井 晶一 <s-ishii at j-lis.go.jp> wrote:
> Dear Mr.Geddis
> I am ishii and I am an engineer at Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems.
> Thank you for your updating JPKI.tokenD for El Capitan.
> If you have a plan for the development of JPKI.tokenD for Sierra, please let us know
> when will it be completed by arround.
> Shoichi Ishii
> Department of Public Certification Service for Indivisuals Center of Personal Number,
> Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems

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