[Xquartz-dev] libX11 compilation

Jeremy Huddleston JEREMYHU at BERKELEY.EDU
Sat Dec 1 17:11:14 PST 2007


How did you compile the libX11 that you have in your freedesktop.org  
webspace?  I compiled my own version, and it works fine on my macbook,  
but when I try it on my powerbook G4 or my powermac G5, I get an error  
when trying to open the display:

(16:51:44 Sat Dec 01 2007 jeremy at yuffie Power Macintosh)
~ $ xmodmap
xmodmap:  unable to open display '/tmp/launch-HMCPPG/:0'


I compiled mine with:
CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -Wall -O2 -arch i386 -arch ppc -pipe -arch x86_64 - 
arch ppc64 -D__DARWIN__"
./configure -prefix=/usr/X11 --mandir=/usr/X11/man --disable- 
dependency-tracking --disable-xf86bigfont --disable-static


I'm using your version for now in the binary pkg that I'm making.

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