[Xquartz-dev] LSBackgroundOnly at runtime

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at berkeley.edu
Wed Dec 5 08:33:20 PST 2007

No, it was definitely picking up the LSBackgroundOnly.  The problem  
was with it not coming into the foreground.

I'll maybe come back to it later, but I don't enjoy banging my head on  
my keyboard... they break too easily...

On Dec 4, 2007, at 23:49, Nicholas Riley wrote:

> You wrote:
>> returnCode was 0 (success), but the app didn't show up in the dock.  
>> I'm thinking this just won't work and I'm willing to settle with  
>> the current situation for now (since it's still better than  
>> before)... but still not optimal..
> You need to touch the bundle directory (touch .../X11.app) after  
> setting LSBackgroundOnly, otherwise Launch Services may not pick it  
> up.  That could be the issue.
> I know TransformProcessType works, as Tcl and Python (at least) use  
> it so you can run their command-line versions yet they can spawn a  
> dock icon if necessary when they start doing GUI stuff.  So it's  
> probably worth sticking with a little more...
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