[Xquartz-dev] Re: Xquartz-1.3.0-apple3

Simone Karin Lehmann simone at lisanet.de
Fri Dec 7 14:11:08 PST 2007

Am 06.12.2007 um 05:15 schrieb Jeremy Huddleston:

> I've just pushed Xquartz-1.3.0-apple3 to the server and source code  
> is uploading now.  wiki will be updated soon.
> Pretty much the only change users will notice over 1.3.0-apple2  
> (from X11- is a hook to disable fbBlah calls.  If you  
> have been experiencing crashes in fbFill or other calls that start  
> with fb, then try this out and let us know how it works for you:
> Start Terminal.app and  execute:
> $ touch /tmp/disable_fb.txt
> Now launch X and try to crash it.

This doesn't work for me.
I've tried it and I can still get X to crash in fbBlah routines.

I'm using Gimp. You can download it from http://gimp.lisanet.de/Website/Gimp_unter_Mac_OS_X_files/Gimp%202.4.2%20Leopard.dmg

Now open an image with big dimensions. Mine is a 3474x2314 tiff image.
Duplicate the background layer twice by clicking on the duplicate  
layer icon in gimp's toolbox window.
Now click on the menu text in the image window _without_ first  
clicking on the image window's title bar.
Works every time :-(

FYI: I use the click_trough feature of quartz_wm.


in the arms of your angel, you may find some comfort here.

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