[Xquartz-dev] Re: X11-2.1.1-pre1.pkg

Simone Karin Lehmann simone at lisanet.de
Wed Dec 12 13:26:03 PST 2007

Am 12.12.2007 um 05:49 schrieb Jeremy Huddleston:

> Yeah, I have no control over that.  I honestly don't know how to add  
> it (I never need to deal with i18n ever).  If someone wants to send  
> me patches, help maintain it, etc, I would be MORE than happy to  
> commit the changes.

I'm not very familiar in building this language support from scratch,  
but after I put the "old" languague files into /Application/Utilities/ 
X11/Contents/Resources I got the language support back.

So I think, as long as there are no changes in gui texts, it should be  
sufficient to first drop all *.lproj directories from Leopard's  
original /u/X/X11.app/C/R into the new location /A/U/X11.app/C/R and  
then build the .pkg package.


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