[Xquartz-dev] dist-2.1-alpha1

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at berkeley.edu
Wed Nov 28 22:26:11 PST 2007

(CCing you directly since I haven't tested the list yet)

I've put up a tarball of what I think should be in our first .pkg  
release here http://people.freedesktop.org/~jeremyhu/dist-2.1-alpha1.tar.bz2 
.  I'm assuming we should just call it 2.1 and have the X11.app About  
menu reflect this.

I've included the newer damage/randr protos, your compiled xterm, my  
compiled libX11, my compiled xfs, my compiled Xnest/Xephyr/Xfake/Xvfb,  
my compiled /A/U/X11.app/C/M/X11, as well as some fixes to fontconfig  
and xfs config files to include /Library/Fonts and /System/Library/ 
Fonts in their searchpaths.

We will need to do these as the superuser on install:
mkfontdir /Library/Fonts
mkfontscale /Library/Fonts
mkfontdir /System/Library/Fonts
mkfontscale /System/Library/Fonts

I believe this should solve the issue the user was complaining about  
OS-X fonts not being available in X11.

The only difference between whats in the tarball and what we release  
should be the Xquartz binary... assuming we don't find out about other  
broken libs or apps between now and next week...

I have no experience dealing with .pkg creation, so I leave that ball  
in your court.


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