[Xquartz-dev] Getting info on X11 Apps

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at berkeley.edu
Fri Feb 15 22:10:46 PST 2008

This really belongs in -dev rather than -users, so I'm responding  

Take a look at the attached code.  You can pull what you need out of  
it.  This was my little test app for testing the focus bug and spits  
out the windows in X11 z depth ordering.

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On Feb 15, 2008, at 21:43, Tommy Nordgren wrote:

> Do the X11 API offer any function for getting info on currently  
> running X11 processes?
> Specifically, when a X11 window has user focus, I want to get the  
> name of the X11 process
> that owns the window. It would be nice with a solution that is  
> portable too.
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