[Xquartz-dev] 2.1.4 release

Merle Reinhart merlereinhart at mac.com
Sun Feb 17 07:55:35 PST 2008


I was looking to track down another error that I noted in my console  
log about not finding ttmkfdir which is called from the font_cache.sh  

Well, even though you claim in the release notes for 2.1.4 that  
ttmkfdir is now included, it is still missing (at least in the 2.1.4  
that you posted).

I'm not sure what it is trying to do relative to the mkfontscale  
fallback as I don't see any 'obvious' side-effects as a result, but  
just wanted to let you know in case it has a bearing on any issues  
people report.

Sorry I didn't have time to really look at the 2.1.4-rc1 release.


On Feb 16, 2008, at 1:05 AM, Jeremy Huddleston wrote:

> 2.1.4 is out.  It is the same as 2.1.4-rc1, but I stripped the 64bit  
> code from /usr/X11/bin/fc-* (which addresses the fc-cache crashing  
> issue on some intel boxes)
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