[Xquartz-dev] Recovered files (font cache) issue in users's trash can

Sierk Bornemann sierkb at gmx.de
Wed Feb 27 13:04:47 PST 2008


Since weeks, I have a problem with the font cache under Leopard (only  
if logged-in as user -- logged-in as admin, the problem doesn't  
occur), and I can't see the cause or how to solve the problem.

MBP 17“, Leopard (currently 10.5.2)
Latest XQuartz from http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/xquartz for  
running Gimp properly.
The problem firstly occured between 10.5.1 and 10.5.2, and I don't  
remember, if before or after switching from Apple's factory X11 to the  
one of XQuartz's project, so I don't know, wether my problem has  
anything to do with the XQuartz/X11 exchange or not.

Regulary, being logged-in as user, my user account's trash can isn't  
empty but contains of a directory "Recovered files", which itself  
contains a directory like "ATS - 223553367".
This ATS-something-directory itself may contain files like  
"annex_auth" (executable), "Local.fcache",
"System.fcache", "User.fcache" and "font". The files "annex_auth" and  
"font" are always there, the others may be part of the folder the next  
Mostly, I can delete these files by emptying trash, but not every  
single time. Sometimes (not everytime) the system denies that, because  
one or all of theses files seem to be locked by the system because of  

I have tried everything to ged rid of these cache files, I have  
deleted the font cache systemwide, for the user, I have made a "Safe  
Boot", I have used the tool OnyX. The problem resists -- if I have  
luck, the first boot after deleting font cache files seems to be OK,  
but the second or third boot, the trash can of my user account  
contains again these files.

After searching around the net and not finding a solution,
I have logged-in as admin or root into the shell, went to /var/folders/ 
kp/kpPJ1m.../-Caches- folder, and there is a folder com.apple.ATS/,  
which seems to consist of exactly these fonts, which are regulary in  
my trash can unter "Recovered files". The folder com.apple.ATS/ and  
all below has the the owner/group of "admin/staff". Quite the same  
with the folder /var/folders/zz/zzzivh.../-Caches-/System. There do  
exist the files "annex_auth" and "font". Is this the system's user's  
font cache under Leopard (I have read, something has changed on  
Leopard concerning that)? Both, files and folders unter zzzivh.../ do  
have the owner/group "_atsserver/_atsserver". Deleting these files  
manually seems to resolve the issue for exactly one time after logging- 
out and logging-in again or rebooting. For the next time, I reboot or  
log-in as user, the user's trash can again consists of "Recovered  
files" and these font cache files.

So, what the hell is the cause of this issue, and how can I get rid of  
Can anybody help me to solve this annoying issue?
Help would be appreciated.


Sierk Bornemann
email:            sierkb at gmx.de

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