[Xquartz-dev] 2.3.0 rc4

Peter Collinson pc at hillside.co.uk
Mon Jun 16 14:31:18 PDT 2008

Here's another side effect of the change - which I have worked around,  
so I can work, and don't really understand.

If I have a application menu entry
	Terminal => xterm -vb -lc -sb -sl 5000

The xterm starts and seems OK. However if I use:

	emacs -nw

I find that Control-O is apparently not working. Emacs is not actually  
seeing it, if I type describe-key ^O into emacs nothing happens.  I  
have ^O bound to 'Command open-line'. Emacs in this case is version  
22.2.1 from macports - although I've not recompiled it against the new  
libraries with 2.3.0 rc4.

I also get redraw problems in the terminal, as if the terminfo isn't  
working quite correctly - bits of the Emacs minibuffer 'go missing'-  
somewhat as if the terminal is not configured correctly for the  
command sequence it's getting. The terminal type is xterm-color.

If I start an xterm from this xterm - the sub-shell xterm runs Emacs  
impeccably. This is weird - both the terminals started by X and the  
one started by hand appear to have the same environment and stty  

Well I notice that the xterms are running with luit - well it seems  
that one started by X is - the one I started by hand isn't. I presumed  
that the one started by hand is affected by the locale code in my  
startup sequence - and essentially things are solved by inserting  
locale setting code before calling /usr/X11/bin/xterm - which is what  
uxterm does. So changing the menu setting to call uxterm is the  
solution - except that it doesn't obey my Xresources which talks about  

I've worked around things by adapting the uxterm script into a private  
xterm program.

On 15 Jun 2008, at 06:12, Jeremy Huddleston wrote:

> That's right, and it will continue to be that way.  The PATH inherited
> by the application isn't being altered by your .profile.  The .app is
> now (correctly) getting the same environment that any other apps get.
> Google for environment.plist
> --Jeremy
> On Jun 14, 2008, at 12:11, Peter Collinson wrote:
>> There seems to be a change from previous behaviour - (nearly) all
>> the commands in my Applications menu have stopped working.
>> Most are calls to shells scripts in my ~/bin... and so it looks as
>> if the code has stopped respecting my private PATH. The command
>> that's working calls xterm  - so it's picking up the default PATH.
>> Sorry if this has been flagged before.
>> Regards
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