[Xquartz-dev] X11 full-screen issues

Zulli, Louis P zullil at lafayette.edu
Thu Jan 1 08:00:18 PST 2009


First, thanks for all your work in 2008. Now here's some for 2009! 

I have rc-5 with your X11.bin-20081231 installed. My X11 is set for full-screen mode, but is not open. Terminal.app is open in Space 3.  

I invoke xcalc from Terminal.app. I get an xcalc window on my root screen. Immediately I do cmd-opt-a, and I get to my desktop in Space 3 with X11 as the active app. I click on the X11 dock icon and nothing happens . (I guess I'd expect to see that xcalc and the root screen again.) Click on the Space 3 desktop to activate Finder.  Now click once more on the X11 dock icon. Now I see the xcalc on the root screen. 

Now for a variation. As above for the first three sentences of the paragraph. This time, instead of clicking the X11 dock icon, I switch to another Space, say Space 2. Finder becomes active. I click on the X11 dock icon. My root screen "flashes by" and I end up with that xcalc window in front of a Space three desktop, but without dock or Apple menu bar. I can use the xcalc just fine, but if I click on anything non-X11 the xcalc window vanishes and I'm really in Space 3. 


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