[Xquartz-dev] Colors wrong in vim in xterm

Chris Linstid clinstid at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 12:09:49 PST 2009

When running vim in xterm in, the colors aren't being represented
correctly for me.  A screenshot can be seen here:


The xterm on the left is showing the "incorrect" colors and the rxvt window
on the right is showing what the colors are supposed to (well, used to) look
like.  I did not see this issue in 2.3.2_rc3, so it's definitely something
that happened between then and now.  I also tried both xterm 237 and 238
(237 was installed via MacPorts) and had the same results.  Unfortunately, I
did not try rc4, rc5 or 2.3.2 so I can't narrow it down much further than
than after 2.3.2_rc3.

Also seems to happen if I ssh from a Linux system with X11 forwarding and
run an xterm from my Mac, displaying on the Linux X server.

    - Chris
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