[Xquartz-dev] Colors wrong in vim in xterm

Cameron Simpson cs at zip.com.au
Tue Jan 6 15:29:52 PST 2009

On 06Jan2009 11:50, Chris Linstid <clinstid at gmail.com> wrote:
| Also confirmed the same problem on FreeBSD with xterm 238.  I guess I need
| to go bug X.org. :)

You could put specific XTerm.vt100.color0, color1, etc settings in
your .Xdefaults file and not be bothered in future if they change the
defaults. Check out the section "VT100 Widget Resources" in man xterm.

You might also find it useful to examine the file:
for the MacOSX xterm or:
for the MacPorts version. I presume Fink's version is in the same place
but with /sw instead of /opt/local.

In fact, changes to that file probably underly the changes you see.

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