[Xquartz-dev] Copy/Paste ceasing

Peter Collinson pc at hillside.co.uk
Tue Jan 27 06:31:21 PST 2009

> Here's what I do:
> To copy
> Cx)	In X11 - point with left button, hold down button and sweep  
> contents
> Cm)	In Mac App - Same as above but use Cmd-C to copy
> To paste
> Px)	In X11 - (point where relevant) and middle click mouse
> Pm)	In Mac - create entry point with left mouse button and Cmd-V
This has happened again to me. I've re-loaded my coding above to help  
with description.

What's happening is:

Cuts from X11 using Cx are pasted correctly in the X11 app world - but  
Pm supplies old contents
Cms are pasted correctly into both worlds.

Changing the Cx source to a different X11 app (tried xterm, emacs and  
nedit) makes no difference
- pasting in the X11 world has the last paste contents but it still  
doesn't change the paste contents in the Mac world.

Using Cmd-c or the menu option in place of Cx in the X11 app makes no  

Typing pbpaste in the xterm after a Cx (or a Cmd-C) yields the old  

	echo "new contents" | pbcopy
loads the paste board in both worlds.

Essentially what seems to be happening is that the copy - presumably  
through the X11 server - has stopped talking
to the Mac world.

Peter Collinson

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