[Xquartz-dev] What's the story with Xaw3d?

Peter Collinson pc at hillside.co.uk
Wed May 13 07:29:44 PDT 2009

Having become somewhat fed up with Macports - whose latest efforts  
gives me an Emacs on my PowerPC that says:
	Unresolved inheritance operation
This is something todo with X11 I see from some Googling.

Anyway, I've decided to install the few things that are 'essential' to  
my life myself.

Emacs 22.3 compiles and runs using the 2.3.3 libraries but I miss the  
Xaw3d 'look' on my Linux boxes. Xaw3d compiles and installs too... so  
I just wondered why this is not a 'standard' part of the X11 package.

Peter Collinson

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